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Smoking Cannabis For The First Time: Remember These Tips

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Cannabis is truly a magical herb, that you can use for both recreational and medical purposes. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. While some use it to just chill out with friends, many use it to manage the symptoms associated with their conditions. You just need to get an MMJ card in Oceanside, CA to buy medical cannabis to manage your condition. But, whether you want to use it for medical purposes or recreational purposes, you are always going to remember your first time experience with cannabis. 

You must be having many thoughts in your head right now. “What does it feel like? how is it going to affect me? Or how stoned am I going to get?” I understand it. And trust me, even I was feeling like this when I was about to try cannabis for the first time. In reality, cannabis affects everyone differently. So, you may experience some different effects than your friends after consuming cannabis. And that is the beauty of it.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you should keep in mind before consuming cannabis. These are some important tips that will help you have a great first time experience with cannabis. So, here are the tips that will help in making your experience a pleasurable one.

Don’t Keep Too Many Expectations (It Affects Everyone Differently)

As I mentioned above, cannabis affects everyone differently. While you have never consumed cannabis before, you can never be sure of how it is going to affect you. So, there are chances that you might not get high. And this is completely normal and very common. This happens with a lot of first-time consumers. Or you can also get light-headed, or get completely stoned. The effects of cannabis depend upon various factors such as –

  • Your biological chemistry
  • The method of consumption
  • Your cannabis strain

Always Start Low and Slow

Now, you have no idea how it’s going to affect you. It is always better to avoid getting too high for the first time. It can be a bit difficult for people to handle too much cannabis. Consuming too much cannabis can even cause anxiety or paranoia. And trust me, it is never a good experience. Many people even decide to stay away from marijuana after experiencing a bad high. And I don’t want you to think of marijuana as a bad herb after having a bad experience with it.

So, it is always advisable to start low and slow. This means you should start with a low dosage, and wait to feel the effects. Do not rush into it, you have to be patient with cannabis. 

Water: Before, During, and After Consuming Cannabis

We all are familiar with the importance of water for our bodies. But it also plays an important role in your overall cannabis experience. Here’s why. One of the most common side effects of consuming cannabis is cottonmouth, or as many call it, dry mouth. Now, having a bottle of water nearby is always a good idea. Drinking a little water after every few minutes will help you rehydrate and keep your mouth moist. In fact, drinking water before you consume cannabis is also helpful. You will be able to pre-hydrate yourself before you start smoking. This is the first time you are consuming cannabis, so you should be smoking only a little. So, you may not need to drink a lot of water.

Also, you don’t have to worry about dry mouth or cottonmouth caused by cannabis consumption. This side effect of cannabis is only temporary, so there’s nothing to worry about here. Cottonmouth is caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis. THC binds to cannabinoid receptors present in submandibular glands that produce saliva in the mouth. THC shuts off the signal for saliva production, and hence we end up with the dry mouth. But, these effects of THC wear off after a few hours, and everything gets back to being normal.

Be Prepared for Munchies

You must have heard about the munchies associated with cannabis. Another side effect of cannabis that is also helpful to many medical patients suffering from the loss of appetite is munchies. Smoking cannabis causes munchies, and you should be prepared for it. Try to keep some snacks with you before you start smoking your cannabis. This way you won’t have to get up to search for some food or snacks. You can choose chips, or other food items to eat to deal with the munchies.

Do Not Consume Cannabis Alone

It is never a good idea to try cannabis alone for the first time. It is a mind-altering substance, and you have no experience with it. So, you have no clue how it is going to affect you. So, it is better to be with someone who is sensible and has some experience with cannabis. This person will help you stay grounded if you start having a bad experience or feeling overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis.

An experienced cannabis consumer would also be able to tell you when you have consumed enough. This will prevent you from consuming too much on your first time. This will save you from having a bad experience with cannabis for your first encounter with cannabis. After some time, you will have experience with consuming cannabis. Then you will be aware of your limits, and how much you have to consume. This will make it more comfortable for you to consuming cannabis on your own. 

Also, smoking cannabis with your friends is always fun, and makes your smoking experience more enjoyable. You can also discuss with them how they are feeling and you can share your experience as well. There’s nothing more enjoyable than smoking cannabis with your friends.

Choose Your Cannabis Wisely

It is important for you to choose your cannabis strain wisely when it is your first time. There are certain things that you need to consider when choosing a cannabis strain to consume. It becomes easier for you to choose a strain when you are using cannabis to manage your medical condition. For this, you have to choose a strain that helps in managing symptoms associated with your medical condition. This really helps in narrowing down your choices.

If you are consuming cannabis for recreational purposes, it is better to start with a strain that has low levels of THC. A stain with high levels of THC can get a bit overwhelming for a beginner. Also, you need to do a little bit of research on different strains to understand how each strain works. This will help you figure out what cannabis strain you should choose to consume for your first time.

Know When to Stop

This is probably the most important tip that you need to remember. When smoking cannabis, you start to feel you have consumed enough, pass your joint to your friend. So, understand your limits and know when to stop.