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A Beginners Guide to Being Safe With Cannabis

Planning to take a consultation with an MMJ Doctor in Oceanside? That’s great news. Soon you’ll have your key for easy access to cannabis and all the other privileges that come with it. But before you go buy your first bag of cannabis, it’s very important that you learn the importance of being safe with this green herb. After all, it is a medication that happens to be a psychoactive drug too. So you must administer it according to the guidelines of your doctor. In addition to this, there are a few other crucial safety measures that cannot be ignored. So here’s a simple beginner’s guide to being safe with cannabis. 

Learn to Microdose

The first rule of safety with cannabis is microdosing. Like every other medication, cannabis has a dosage chart too. It varies from person to person. What works for others may not work for you. So if you consume cannabis with rough estimation or based on what others have, there is quite a high possibility that you will end up with an overdose and a high that you cannot control. The side effects can be anywhere from a mild headache to paranoia and nausea.

In some cases, a higher dose of cannabis can also deliver effects opposite of what you expected. For example, a very common use of medical cannabis is to relieve stress and anxiety. But, it is only at a specific dose that cannabis works to eliminate anxiety and other negative feelings. Anything higher than the advised amount can worsen the levels of anxiety and even develop paranoia and hallucinations. 

This is why microdosing is advised to all medical cannabis consumers. When you go through a consultation with a marijuana doctor, you will receive a dosage that’s suited for your medical condition. Stick to it diligently to avoid any chances of overdose or side effects. 

Find the Right Strains

Cannabis is not one herb that you can pick up at any dispensary easily. What I mean by this is that when you’ll go for your first purchase, you’ll find many shelves with different types of cannabis products. Most importantly, these products will be labeled as made from a cannabis strain and not just cannabis. If you see names like Durban poison, Harlequin, OG Kush or White Widow, don’t be confused. These are the names of some of the many cannabis strains that exist today. So you need to figure out what strain will be best for you.

Let’s begin by understanding what cannabis strains are. The green herb that you may be familiar with comes in different chemical compositions, flavors and geographical locations. For years, people have bred several cannabis plants to form three broad classifications of cannabis strains- Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. Each of these strains has different compositions which make them suitable for different effects. For example, Sativa delivers uplifting effects whereas Indica has more sedative effects. Nowadays, each of these categories has hundreds of different varieties. So you can choose a strain that’ll fit your requirements perfectly from a wide variety.

Only Choose Trusted Sources

Your safety with cannabis largely depends on what you consume. You must be assured that the product is safe and of good quality whether it’s edibles, dried flowers, topicals or any other cannabis product. And the only way to do this is by buying from a trusted source. 

Since the legalization of medical cannabis, most of the US states have set up legal cannabis dispensaries and online stores for easy access of cannabis. These stores are registered with the state which means that they are obligated to follow all the quality standards and safety precautions set by the government. The products are handled and stored properly and undergo all the necessary lab tests for safety. So you can lay your trust in such sources.

On the other hand, there are illegal sellers who neither have a registration with the government nor are bound by any state regulations and standards. They may offer you a cheap price but at the cost of safety and quality. There’s a high probability that these products will be contaminated and of poor quality. If you consume such products or use it as a way of consumption like illicit vape pens, you may cause harm to your health. 

Maintain Hygiene While Using Cannabis

At the moment, COVID-19 is the major cause of health concerns. So practicing social distancing and proper hygiene is more of an obligation than a choice. Even when you use cannabis, it’s crucial that you take care of your hygiene and safety. Here are a few ways you can begin with.

Cannabis stands by many unsaid rules that make it a good way for socializing. One of which is ‘puff, puff and pass.’ . However, following this etiquette in the present times can be a call for trouble. A joint is always around your hands and mouth. A passed joint can become a carrier of germs and your path to becoming sick if there is anyone infected around you. So stop sharing your joint with others. The same rule applies to vape pens, edibles and dried flowers. Anything can become contaminated and infect you directly or indirectly.

The next rule is to wash your hands before your sessions. It leaves no room for germs or contaminants to enter your body. And if you use a rig for vaping or dabbing or any other accessory like a grinder or a mouthpiece, make sure to deep clean everything with proper cleaning agents. 

Learn the Difference Between Good and Bad Cannabis

Cannabis contamination is a very common scenario. Consuming such products can do more harm than good. So how do you ensure that the products are safe? One way is to buy from legal sources as already discussed. The second way is to learn the difference between good and bad cannabis. 

It’s easy to differentiate between good and bad quality buds by using your senses. The first step is to look at the color. It should fall under the different shades of green and hues of color corresponding to the terpene it contains. Dark brown color with yellowish undertones are signs of bad buds. Also, see if you find any powdery, chalky or fuzzy presence in the stash. It can be signs of contaminants like sugar, baby powder or mold.

Now take a good whiff of the buds. They should smell skunky, herby or like the terpene it has. It’s more likely a bad batch if the smell is more like an odor or wet grass. Take the time to feel the texture of the flower. It should be a balance of sticky and dry. If it’s too sticky, it indicates that it hasn’t been cured properly. An excessively dry bud will crumble and not give you the best experience.

If you are taking cannabis as a medication, you need to follow the set of instructions that come with it. So act responsibly and maintain your safety with cannabis using these points.