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7 Tips to Master Weed Etiquette This Holiday Season

We are in the middle of a holiday season and it’s just about time for all the gatherings and dinner parties. You’ll be out eating a lot and adding pounds hogging on all the delicious holiday meals. But as much as gatherings are a great way to pass the time, if you’ve been using cannabis for a long time now, you know that there is no successful party without the green herb. 

The attitude towards cannabis is leaning towards a positive one over a period of time. You can buy it easily and even consult medical marijuana doctors Oceanside from your home. So, having a gathering with a few drags of green goodness isn’t a problem today right? Well, you will find your answer as you read along. We’ll be discussing the basic tips that will help you master the weed etiquettes and help you to never be out of place at a party.  

Be Considerate of Your Surroundings

When you get invited to a holiday dinner or gathering, make sure that you access the environment you’re going to be in before taking cannabis along. As much as we acknowledge the fact that people are becoming tolerant towards cannabis, there may be some guests who would find it uncomfortable to have you or others high at the party. Some are tolerant of cannabis but intolerant of smoking. And there’s always a lot of people who still see cannabis as illegal. So, to avoid any conflict, you’ve got to be considerate of everyone. From the host to the guests, keep everyone in mind. It’s a responsible way of using or not using cannabis with a group of people. 

Always Ask for Consent From the Host

Even if you like having cannabis at a party or when you meet your friends, it’s never a good idea to catch the host by surprise. If you don’t have an idea about the leaning of the host in the matter of cannabis, it’s always best to get consent beforehand. I’m sure nobody would like their guests to be running around high or smoking in their home without them having prior knowledge about it. 

Don’t be Selfish

Let’s say that the host allows you to turn his or her party into a green party, what would you do next? You cannot just start rolling a joint or take out your bag of edibles and not ask anyone around you. That’s absolutely against the weed etiquettes. 

If you are around people while you are using cannabis, it’s always polite to offer it to others. Whether they want to do it or not it’s their choice. 

Now, considering the current situation of the pandemic, the older etiquette of ‘puff, puff, and pass’ isn’t applicable anymore unless you are around a circle of people you feel safe around. So, whenever you are carrying cannabis at a party, it’s best to keep extra so that you don’t have to share a joint or an edible with someone you don’t know. 

Bring Your Stash in Smell Proof Container

Cannabis buds can have a really pungent smell. Especially if you are carrying a strain like Super Skunk or Sour Diesel, it may fill up the room with a skunky and gasoline-like scent. To avoid having a scent leak from your pocket or bag, you need to store your stash properly. The best option to avoid having people hold their nose during dinner is to keep your herb in a smell proof container such as a ziplock bag or an airtight glass container. It will not only keep the aroma from leaking but also save the precious trichomes on the buds. 

Don’t Force Anyone

There will always be someone at the holiday party who isn’t in the mood for consuming cannabis. Whether it’s your friend or not, you should never force someone to take a drag of your joint or a bite from your special homemade brownies. If they feel like giving it a try, they will come around. Until then, if you receive a no for your offer, respect it and have a good time.

Stay Away if You’re Sick

First of all, if you are sick, you should never go to a party. Especially in the present time of the pandemic, there is always a risk of spreading the virus. However, if you are already at the party and feel unwell, it’s best to avoid sharing cannabis with anyone. Or if you do not want to miss out on the experience, you can inform others and have a joint or an edible for yourself.
Now that you have gone through all the different tips, you are ready to have a successful cannabis party. Just make sure that you have quality buds or products only. Use your medical card to get great deals on cannabis products in dispensaries. You can always go online to renew MMJ Card and place orders for the best strains for this holiday season.