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6 Side Effects of Medical Cannabis and the Proper Way to Deal With Them

Medical cannabis is undoubtedly the medicine of the future that has brought many patients out of their miserable life. Whether it is the incessant pain from Crohn’s disease or the disturbed sleep due to anxiety, cannabis always comes to the rescue. If your medical condition can benefit from this green herb, don’t hesitate to connect with the medical marijuana doctors oceanside. They will guide you through the process easily.

But, while I can go on and on about the various benefits of cannabis, I do have to admit that there is another side to the coin. Like every other medication, cannabis may develop some mild or severe side effects on consumers. However, the good news is that they can be managed easily using a few simple tips. Let’s take a closer look at what I’m talking about. 

Red Eyes

One of the most common side effects of cannabis is red eyes, also known as bloodshot eyes. Many veteran cannabis consumers may have experienced their eyes getting red after their regular sessions. This is caused by the chemicals in cannabis.

The cannabinoids create a fluctuation in blood pressure. The blood vessels dilate including the ones in the eyes called the ocular capillaries. This causes the heart to pump more blood and increase the flow across the body including the eyes. This is why the eyes turn red. 

Red-eye is a temporary situation. It fades away after some time. However, if you want to get rid of them faster, use over the counter eye drops to soothe the redness. 

Cotton Mouth

Many cannabis consumers report having cottonmouth or dry mouth after their sessions. The science behind lies in the way the cannabinoids react with your body. Cannabis affects your body by activating the CB receptors in the body. Some of these receptors are also present around the salivary glands. When the cannabinoids react with these receptors, the production of saliva is regulated to the point where your mouth feels very dry. 

Again, it’s not a dangerous or persistent state. You can deal with it easily. 

First, remember that it is a side effect of cannabis. So, it does not prove that you are dehydrated. Avoid going crazy on the water. Nevertheless, keeping a bottle by your side during the sessions is a great help. You can also try using chewing gum as it will help produce saliva. 

Persistent Cough

Amond most cannabis consumers who prefer smoking, a persistent cough is common. It is also popularly known as the smoker’s cough. It is not that common among medical consumers as they control their sessions. But, if you do not stick to your dose, the cough may develop.

If you get a persistent cough after smoking cannabis, relieve it by using all the remedies that you would after getting a sore throat. Gargle, drink hot or cold beverages, stay hydrated and try lozenges. 


It’s common to feel hungry after consuming cannabis. This increase in hunger is called munchies. The culprit behind this change is THC. When it reacts with the body, it reduces the levels of leptin (hormone that regulates hunger) and increases ghrelin (causes hunger). In addition to this, THC enhances your sense of taste and smell. All these factors contribute to increasing the need to eat.

The best way to deal with it is by eating. You can keep healthy snacks in your pantry and enjoy the munchies while being healthy. Or you can try cannabis strains with low THC content. 

Cannabis Tolerance

The last inevitable side effect of cannabis is tolerance. With regular use of cannabis, your body starts enduring the changes to a point where it may become ineffective. You may even require higher doses to feel the same effects. But, this state can be reversed if you want to. 

You can take a tolerance break (total abstinence) for a few days to get your body back to its original state. You can also try reducing your doses or shifting to CBD for some time to reverse the high tolerance. 

Now that you have some idea about the side effects of cannabis, you can ensure that your cannabis treatment goes smoothly and gives you the best results. So whether you are a new patient or have just applied to renew MMJ Card, stay safe with your consumption, go ahead and start your journey in the best way.