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5 Signs That Show You Desperately Need a Cannabis Tolerance Break

Taking a break from getting high is a personal choice and this article pertains to those who are currently planning to step back. You’re not alone and we are here to help you because it is perfectly normal to take a break from marijuana for a few weeks. We have enlisted a few ways that can help you take the break and some signs that indicate it’s high time that you sit on the back burner. All you have to do is follow these instructions and understand why taking a cannabis tolerance break is normal for your mind and body. There are different ways to abstain from cannabis and if you have the strength and will power to do so, you can successfully march on the journey of a cannabis tolerance break. 

You Turned Yourself Into a Cannabis Spendthrift 

Let’s face it, cannabis is not cheap. Whether you get an MMJ card in Oceanside to avail of high-quality products or simply walk up to a cannabis store in a legal state, you have to spend a good amount of money on high-quality products. Take craft cannabis as a good example. Craft cannabis is engineered to meet the specific requirements of cannabis. As a result, the MRP is higher than the regular cannabis products. Unfortunately, patients with an unsteady source of income cannot afford these products on a regular basis. On top of that, if you once get hooked on expensive products, you might see yourself spending a good portion of your income on these products. 

Moreover, it’s not like you will buy cannabis once and you’re good to go. Of course, unless you use cannabis occasionally. For regular users, the process of purchasing is repetitive and sometimes you look at your bank account and wonder if this is what you agreed to. So, before you end up with bouts of regret while you are consciously spending money on concentrates, edibles, and high-end cannabis products, look at your cannabis expenditure once. Ask yourself if buying and consuming so many products was worthwhile. If you do not feel good about it, how about taking a cannabis tolerance break? 

Cannabis is Your Priority 

One of the biggest signs of taking a cannabis tolerance break – Cannabis comes before responsibilities. Let me give a detailed example. You had to finish an important assignment, but instead, you decided to conduct a cannabis session with your friends. Slowly and steadily one session turned into two and the three. By the time the deadline came close, you had no time or energy to work on the assignment. As a result, you end up losing an assignment that was a major source of steady income. You said that you will go to the gym, but you did the opposite. You passed out on the couch and watched Netflix all day. This means those complaints about gaining weight and eating unhealthy are mere excuses to cover up your guilty pleasures. 

While cannabis may help you relax, stay stress-free, and help you deal with personal issues, doesn’t mean that you start ignoring your responsibilities. You are responsible for your laziness, missed assignments, and gym sessions. And once you come out of the cannabis zone, you will not feel a sense of relief. Instead, you will go back and wonder, “what if I was a little careful and responsible”. So, before that feeling of guilt and remorse creeps in, ensure that you stay away from temptations. The best way to go about it – take a cannabis tolerance break!

All Your Time Is Spent Indoors

It is important to meet your friends, stay in touch with family, and share feelings with people you can trust. Cutting yourself completely from all your social connections is not a healthy approach. You have to be considerate about staying sane and seeing friends and family is an integral part of that. Spending time with your vape pens, dab rigs, and staying indoors may sound comfortable and cool to you. 

However, getting fresh air is good for your mental and physical health. Even the most introverted people go out and have dinner with friends. So, don’t look for reasons to stay indoors only because staying high up in the clouds helps you feel better. Have you ever wondered what will happen after you touch the ground? The reality will set in and you will start feeling anxious and alone. The bottom line is that if cannabis is cutting your motivation to stay social, try keeping your stash box away for a while. It may be hard at first but your will power will help you get out of your house and more vitally your friends will be pleased to see you making up for the lost time. 

You Are Excessively Reliant on Cannabis

If you didn’t notice, cannabis consumption has risen in the past few years. Some people use it for recreational purposes while others talk to MMJ doctors for medical advice. So, largely the cannabis community is divided into two categories: medical marijuana patients and recreational users. As far as taking a cannabis tolerance break is concerned it pertains to recreational users. Unfortunately, some users develop a strong habit of consuming cannabis on a regular basis. As a result, they rely heavily on THC strains and other marijuana products. Not only this, but I am sure you might have come across people who use cannabis for creative output. If that’s the case, the rate of dependency increases with time. 

In my personal opinion, the connection between cannabis and creativity is so strong that some people think without cannabis creativity stands no chance. In fact, it’s actually the opposite, a creative person can work under any circumstances. A creative block does not mean that you need cannabis. You can do other things to get out of the block. For instance, take a break and travel for a while or go out and take inspiration from your surroundings. This will help you start within a fresh perspective. Whereas regular cannabis use can make you excessively reliant. 

You Are Getting High Everyday

My brother once told me that there was a time in college when he got used to having five to six sessions every day. I vividly remember he explained to me how his friends and my brother would gather for those sessions, listen to trance music, and stay high all day. Little did he know back then that getting too high every day was not helpful at all. He was missing classes, losing time, and focus at the same time. 

The point behind mentioning this personal example is that getting high on a regular basis will help you feel stuck all the time. You will often pass out on the couch and your body’s biological system will lose its balance. First, because your body wasn’t made for euphoric substances. Second, getting high regularly can cause cognitive dysfunction, and last but not the least, you need to get your life back in order. And the best way to do that is by taking a marijuana tolerance break. Think about it.